Positive Behavior Support

What is PBS?

PBS (Positive Behavior Support) is a school-wide program that promotes positive behaviors in our students.  At Elkhorn, we have adopted GRR expectations to define our positive behaviors and provide a safe learning environment where students are successful.

GRR stands for:

      Go Safely

      Show Respect

      Be Responsible

We recognize positive behavior in a variety of ways at Elkhorn.  

tiger spirit club

Tiger Spirit Club

Students who show safe, respectful, and responsible behavior consistently throughout the week may get chosen to participate in our Tiger Spirit Club. Here students have some free time to explore creativity and interests in our library media center.

Class Ticket

Blue Class Tickets:

Classrooms earn blue class tickets by students working together as a team to follow school-wide expectations.  For every 25 class tickets earned the students celebrate with fun activities such as eating lunch outside, special science experiments or pajama day.

paw print


"There's a Leader in Us All"

Students at Elkhorn study some habits and traits that create good leaders. Each month, focus activities will give students an opportunity to practice these habits. They will learn about real-life heroes and literary characters that exemplify these traits.

August: Safe, Respectful, Responsible September: Engaged Learner October: Self Control November: Generosity   December: Courage January: Friendship February: Honesty March: Creativity April: Perseverance May: Good Sportsmanship